One kickass can of zendurance packing enough CBD and caffeine punch to wake the dead parts in you.


16 ounces of howzit hangin’ zenhancement to sharpen your focus, calm your mind and whatever, Bro.

your life
We invite you to transport yourself from where you are to where you deserve to be — the heightened state of Zentopia. Immerse your being in zenergy-boosting caffeinated teas and chill-inducing sparkling CBD waters. Taste the freshness of pure Cascade mountain streams. Consume the life-zenhancing benefits of CBD extracted from Oregon-grown hemp. Be one with the can and let the bubbles elevate you from the rubble. With 50 freaking milligrams of the natural wonder that is CBD, it’s no wonder Zentopia rises above all others.


Zenbarassing riches of CBD (2-5 times more than regular Earthly brands) in each 16 oz. can to zensure you can self-care like a mofo.
Beaucoup flavor bouquets of fizzy zero calorie Oregon water and not-too-sweet black teas.
The only high Zentopia offers is a heightened state of zenjoyment. So grab a can, free your mind and your best will follow.
Nobody knows green like Oregonians. Other than frogs, maybe. But they don’t know how to merge Oregon-grown hemp with pure Cascade water and natural flavors like we do. Stupid frogs.
Welcome to the state of

Meet our zenlightened family of fizzy-fresh CBD sparkling waters and hyper-jacked, caffeine-packed CBD teas. With 50-freakin’ milligrams of CBD in each 16oz can, you’ll enjoy much more of this natural wonder for much less. Wait, there’s more. It tastes so good you’d drink it if it wasn’t good for you. Just the right amount of not-so-sweet fresh fruit flavor with no- and low-calorie options if self care’s your bag. Or can.

Peach Tea
Peach Tea
150mg Caffeine + 50mg CBD
Specialty sourced black tea intermingled with ripe peach in a sublime bubbling sea of peachy-tasting tea water.
Raspberry Tea
Raspberry Tea
150mg Caffeine + 50mg CBD
Specialty sourced black tea lays down a rich tannic base for a bright raspberry flavor, joyfully teasing the senses with just enough sweetness.
Lime Seltzer
Lime Seltzer
0 Calories + 50mg CBD
Sparkling Cascade water infused with zenfully delicious tart lime forges a fizzy fresh flavor that makes you feel like you are getting away with something.
Mango Seltzer
Mango Seltzer
0 Calories + 50mg CBD
Tropical ripe mango serpentines through sparkling Cascade water in a drink that tastes refreshing and sun-drenched. Exactly like Cancun in a can.

Just because your life is fast paced doesn’t mean you don’t need the occasional rush. With 50mg of CBD fortified with 150mg of caffeine, Zentopia Boost is 16oz of liquid Zing and Zenduring productivity. It’s a tasty wake-up call for people on the move, needing to get moving or recovering from too much movement.

Kick start zendurance

Activate your body

Clear your head

Beat a rough night


According to science, a little stress in our lives is good for us. OK sure. Whatever, science. We say too much stress sucks. And when stress sucks (or you just want a healthy refreshment), there’s Zentopia Chill. Chill combines the hyper-mellowing powers of 50mg of CBD with crystalline Oregon water to bring you the wisdom and clarity of a zen master and help you let that sh*t go.

Take the edge off

Wind down

Tap into a dream

Zenhance movement


Proudly Oregonian

From the quirky minds of a six-pack of Oregon-born business casual dudes, Zentopia is so thoroughly Oregon it would deliver itself to stores on bikes if we let it. Like the Oregon-grown hemp picked from our nearby farms, we’re picking Oregon partners we trust, then standing back and letting them do that thing they do – farming, sciencing, distilling, canning and distributing.

To drink Zentopia is to enjoy Oregon at its finest – natural, refreshing, healthful, wet and green as all get out.


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